I noticed that Serverauditor issues a couple of shell commands before starting the session. Why?

A couple of our customers revealed that while connecting to the host the new version of ServerAuditor issues several shell commands. They look as follows:

if [ "$REAL_OS_NAME" != "$SA_OS_TYPE" ] ;
echo `uname`\nelse\nDISTRIB_ID=\\"`cat /etc/*release`\\"

This behavior of Serverauditor is caused by an attempt to detect a version of the operating system to show an appropriate icon in the list of servers like the logo of Ubuntu, CentOS or FreeBSD. We decided to introduce the option that allows to switch off the detection of the operational system. To disable this, please open Settings screen, find an appropriate option and set to Off position.

I want to get access to latest builds of Serverauditor with new sweet features

To get access to the latest builds of Serverauditor send your Apple ID [email protected]. Together we can make the app even better!

It seems I lost my password for my account... Can you help me?

Unfortunately the master password cannot be restored since nobody except you knows it.

This is a feature by design for the sake of security of our users' personal data. All we can do is to reset your account's password but all the records will be lost in such a case.

Please follow password reset link to reset your account.

Launch Serverauditor with parameters from another Android application

External intents

Serverauditor can work with external intents.

Creating hosts in Serverauditor:

  • Create Intent
  • set Intent Action
  • put URI to Intent Data

    Action: "android.intent.action.VIEW" URI: ssh://[email protected]:22

For example:

Intent intent = new Intent();

Password (optional)

Put string extra to Intent with the password.

Extra: "com.serverauditor.password"

For example:

intent.putExtra("com.serverauditor.password", "pass");

Group (optional - by default is ConnectBot):

Put string extra to Intent with a group name.

Extra: "com.serverauditor.groupname"

For example:

intent.putExtra("com.serverauditor.groupname", "group_name");

When I try to use my keys which had been generated by puttygen I get the message "Warning Can not recognize format of key".

Putty key could be converted into the OpenSSH format and then imported.

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