Security and privacy

Nothing can have more priority in such a product like Serverauditor. Hence, all the major infrastructure details organized to cut any risk to an unauthorized access. This chapter elaborates on the major concerns and how Serverauditor addresses them.

Data encryption

Hosts, port forwarding, keys (optional) and settings will be encrypted using AES-256 on the client-side and synced across all your devices. Nobody except you has access to your data so be careful with your master password which is not stored anywhere.

Secure cloud

Serverauditor utilizes Amazon Web Services which is the most reliable cloud ecosystem in the world at the moment. It provides flexibility, reliability, performance and security in the cloud.

Assurance programs

Serverauditor leverages AWS Shared Responsibility Model that provides top level security of the cloud to its clients that holds various assurance programs

Non disclosure and privacy policies

We DO NOT provide any kind of information about any account to any organization. Our privacy policy is located at Serverauditor Privacy Policy

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