Free Serverauditor features

Serverauditor provides a range of various features which make it an advanced tool with ability as to manage your servers on the go as to continue your work from a desktop terminal or turn your tablet into a fully functional PC by attaching a bluetooth keyboard.

Capable Terminal Window

The user experience which could provide users with a desktop-like environment is the biggest priority of Serverauditor. The terminal keyboard aimed to have all necessary keys and shortcuts in one (or two at most) taps. It's important to have consistent experience independently on the type of platform used.

Available for iOS, Android and Desktop platforms

Security Matters

Everything from the keys and hosts storage to synchronization across the devices implemented with taking security as a priority. There is also a built-in PIN screen locker to add another level of data protection and prevent from the 3rdparty access if a device was lost. Please refer to the Security section for details.

Various Terminal Types

Serverauditor supports several different terminal types (XTerm, VT100 and vanilla) as well as 9 color schemes and various palettes.

Port Forwarding

Serverauditor compatible with all available port forwarding options (Local, Remote and Dynamic) as well as a desktop client.

Host Groups, Key Chains, Aliases and Known Hosts

When the number of hosts grows it becomes difficult to create, connect and manage access for them. Host Groups and subgroups provide a user with an option to assign certain credentials to a set of servers. Key Chain offers a convenient way to grant or revoke credentials, generate or import private and public keys and manage them securely from any device.

Premium Serverauditor features

Premium subscription of Serverauditor encompasses all features available in a free version plus:

Advanced SFTP Client

Classic double panel widget supports remote and local filesystems. That widget allows you to delete, copy, move, rename, create files and folders, edit permissions, etc. One more important feature is direct file transfer between two remote servers with help of a terminal command. This widget is also integrated into terminal so you can quickly paste a file path.


This feature works across all platforms where Serverauditor is available. Hosts, port forwarding, keys (optional) and settings will be encoded using AES-256 on the client-side and synced across all your devices. Nobody except you has access to your data so be careful with your master password.

Touch ID Support (iOS devices)

Set PIN code and enable Touch ID for protecting access to your servers with your fingerprint.


Add your frequently usable shell scripts into the Snippets section to access them from any device. A snippet can be executed across multiple active SSH session or attached to a host as a startup script.

Advanced Tabs

Work with more than one server at a time? Need a quick way to switch between them without switching back to a main screen? Terminal Tabs are fully adapted for touch screens and make work in terminal even more effective.

Agent Forwarding

Using agent forwarding SSH keys from Serverauditor could be used to authenticate to a server via an intermediate one without the need to copy the key to the intermediate server.

Sync Tool for ~/.ssh/config

Serverauditor command line tool makes available all your hosts and keys from ~/.ssh/config on all your mobile devices as well as import them back.

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